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Нашият онлайн екип от данъчни специалисти е на разположение! Използвайте Чата на живо сега

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Данъчен калкулатор за Германия

икона на калкулатора за възстановяване на немски данъци

Ако подаването на заявление за възстановяване на данъци Ви изглежда твърде сложно, ние ще Ви убедим, че не е! След като проверите предполагаемата сума за възстановяване с нашия безплатен данъчен калкулатор, ще разберете, че си заслужава. Средната сума възстановен подоходен данък за Германия на нашите клиенти е €1020. Не бихте пропуснали такава сума допълнителни средства!

Трябва само да въведете някои основни данни за данъците и доходите си, и за броени секунди данъчният калкулатор за Германия ще Ви покаже каква сума данъци можете да възстановите! Това е много бърз и лесен начин да изчислите полагащите Ви се надплатени данъци за възстановяване. Нашият данъчен калкулатор за Германия не Ви обвързва с нищо, така че не се налага да подавате заявление за възстановяване на данъци ако не желаете. Започнете още сега!

Данъчна информация за Германия

  • Калкулация на надплатени данъци без обвързване
  • Безплатна калкулация на момента
  • Бърза, достъпна и вярна
  • Получавате калкулацията автоматично на личния си и-мейл

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  • Customer Avatar
    Agent à notre écoute, réponse rapide et service éfficace! Un grand merci!

    27 February 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    I admirer how well your staff members communicate with there clients one lady in particular was great help to me and very kinda and well mannered her names was mairead Morgan thankyou for your amazing service I will be recommending this site

    22 February 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    Straight forward and good service from agents

    20 February 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    My agent was very helpful , efficient and professional .

    14 February 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    So fast easy and reliable. They do all the work and handle everything with ease. They just took the info I provided and got back to me with a larger then expected figure of tax back. Couldn't be happier at recommend enough

    14 February 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    The whole process is quick and easy. The agents are fantastic to deal with and really helpful. I have been using for years now and have no intention to ever change. The level of customer services and communication is brilliant. I am always kept up to date as soon as information is available.

    01 February 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    Customer Service

    31 January 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    The personal communications from your agents made all the difference in my choice to use TaxBack. Overwhelmed with what should have been a simple process due to an error going back several years in my taxes, I gave up doing them myself and handed it over to TaxBack. I was assured all 3 years would be fixed and my refunds recieved. Once I handed over my paperwork I never had to ask about updates or remind my agent to do anything - they were so on top of it and made it so easy! Matthew Lloyd was especially helpful and I can't thank him enough for his continued clear communications and patient explanations which saved me so much time!

    30 January 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    Tax Tracker service

    24 January 2019

  • Customer Avatar has been so , so easy to use and understand . My agent Yordan Marinov was very helpful and had great patience with me as I'm not very good at doing anything like this on line .I have already told friends and family about Taxback and that they should use them .So easy and uncomplicated .

    23 January 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    The agents are super helpful and efficient. I would rate them 8.5/10 .

    23 January 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    Spot on. Very professional and efficient. Felt as if the organisation had my best interests at heart.

    22 January 2019

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