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Canine Companions for Temple Street



Taxback.com recently made a donation to fund Temple Street Children’s Hospital’s Pet Therapy programme.

Everybody knows how vital medication is in helping children recover from illnesses, but that’s only one part of their treatment. Other aspects such as emotional wellbeing, peace of mind and overall comfort have to be taken into account; that’s where the Pet Therapy Programme comes in.

The programme is headed up by two tail-wagging pros who leave their squeaky toys at home to come and visit the hospital’s sick children every week - Max the Labrador and Buttons the Yorkshire Terrier. They go from ward to ward, spending time with the kids and often posing for photographs with them.

Not only do the dogs provide comfort and reassurance to the patients and their families, they also assist them with valuable rehabilitation and therapy needs. Also, with many of the patients missing their own dogs while they’re in hospital, they welcome the chance to say hello to the furry friends.