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Improved Education for Disadvantaged Children


Taxback.com is sponsoring a new tutor for less fortunate children in Bratislava, Slovakia to ensure they have the opportunity to get a better education and a better future.

The Fortuna social centre, which is run by non-government organisation Usmev ako Dar, accommodates about 80 struggling families including 68 children aged 7 to 16 and 23 young adults. Most of the residents are families from low social-cultural backgrounds. The parents do not know how to effectively educate their children and education is not considered as having significant value.

Taxback.com is working with Usmev ako Dar to help improve these circumstances by sponsoring the salary of an experienced professor to tutor the children living at the Fortuna.

The aim of the project is to assist the children with their school topics, develop their personalities and potential and create a positive attitude towards education.

“Because of weak school results these children often need to attend special schools, however this is not because of their intellect but because of lack of support from their families,” Ms. Martina Kravarova from Usmev ako Dar said.

Taxback.com worked with Usmev ako Dar in 2008 to a complete crisis centre in Dolny Kubin.

“We are very happy that taxback.com takes care of our community and has helped us again this year,” Kravarova said.

Experienced professor Mr Jozef Fiala has been hired to tutor the children.

“I’m very thankful to taxback.com that I have the opportunity to share my years of experience and knowledge with less fortunate children – this means a lot to me,” Fiala said.

“Children are like growing flowers that need special care in order to develop their personalities. If this is missing the wind can easily break them. It’s marvellous that companies are taking care of these children and I will approach each child with individual responsibility.”

Taxback.com Marketing Manager Ilian Pavlov said he was delighted to have another opportunity to support Slovakian families in need with the help of Usmev ako Dar.

“All of us in taxback.com are very happy that we are able to help children with their education because they will be creating our future.” Pavlov said. “I’m confident that Mr Fiala will help the children with their school topics and nurture their passion for knowledge and education.”

The project will continue for 3-9 months and is part of taxback.com’s International Community Outreach Programme.