If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

The 2 Best Ways to Increase your PAYE Tax Refund : Rent & Medical Expenses


Every year thousands of people overpay taxes in Ireland without even being aware of it. If you are PAYE worker in Ireland, you maybe due to a tax refund and you have the legal right to claim the overpaid tax amount back.

If you choose an expert tax specialist like taxback.com, the tax filing and returning process will be easier for you, and by following a few simple steps you can significantly increase your summer budget!

What a lot of people are not aware of,  is the amount of tax refund each PAYE worker in Ireland could be also entitled to for certain tax reliefs. You should ensure you are up to date on the types of tax relief you may be eligible to claim back. We can help guide you through this.  

Rent Relief

One of the most valuable tax reliefs is rent relief. If you have been paying rent on a private rental accommodation under a legal rental contract since 7th December 2010, you may be entitled to a tax credit. Get in touch with our tax experts as they will need some additional information regarding you rental terms and conditions, and they can claim rent tax credits on your behalf.

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Medical Expenses

Another common type of tax relief is medical expenses. GP fees, prescription medicines, maternity care, hospital treatment and non routine dental treatment – these are the type of expenses you can claim relief for.  You must keep all the receipts and documents regarding your medical expenses during the tax year.  

How far back can you claim?

The good news is that even if you have been unaware of your tax refunds, applicable credits and reliefs, Taxback.com can go back four years to 2010 to check your tax position. All you need to do to apply is to download the taxpack, fill out the forms and send them over to Taxback.com.

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