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Life Project Cambodia


We recently supported Life Project Cambodia, a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Siem Reap. We chose this charity as one we wanted to benefit from our corporate social responsibility scheme.

The charity was founded by Vin Kebblewhite who is originally from Central Coast in New South Wales. We have known Vin for many years as he was a client of ours in the past and also was manager of the infamous and award-winning Bounce Hostel Sydney which we have partnered with for a number of years.

It was while working at Bounce Hostel that Vin had his first Cambodian experience; he took extended leave and went to Cambodia on a volunteer programme. It was this experience that was to change him forever and when he returned to Sydney he set about creating what we now know as ‘Life Project Cambodia’. Vin now resides in Siem Reap full time.

We first got involved with Life Project Cambodia back in January when the backpacking industry in Sydney organised a ‘Trivia and Travel’ auction in Side Bar. This event saw industry members come together and have their knowledge tested before opening the venue up to backpackers and allowing them to bid on a number of products and experiences which were donated by the various providers. All proceeds from the auction went directly to Life Project Cambodia.

Following this event we all became avid followers of the initiatives that were being launched by Life Project Cambodia such as Rumdul House and the Bicycle Program which you can learn more about below.



In November we met with Alanna Stevens who was representing Life Project Cambodia here in Australia at a function. After finding out more about the Student Sponsorship programme and hearing the stories of some of the kids on the programme it was decided that this was something we absolutely wanted to support.

The student Taxback.com is supporting is 10 year old Sokoun, who is from an impoverished rural village in Siem Reap. Sokoun now joins her brother, Low (13) and sister, Sokhea (14) in the Student Sponsorship program. Sokoun is a very bright student and loves learning so much so that she wants to become a school teacher. We would like nothing more than to see her dream of teaching become a reality.

We are very excited to watch the great work of Life Project Cambodia continue and look forward to supporting many more of their initiatives in the future.

To keep up to date with all that is happening at Life Project Cambodia check out their Facebook page if you’d like to know more.

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