If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Tax Refunds for Canadian Students

Canadian students working at home and overseas are often owed large tax refunds, a recent article in Canadian Student Magazine says.

Students tax refunds are big amounts because they usually only work part-time or they only work for some of the year and this means they overpay tax. They can also claim back some tuition fees as part of their Canadian tax return.

This doesn't just apply to Canadian residents. Foreign students in Canada can also get tax refunds. Average refunds are about CAN$750. The Canadian Tax Office has just started accepting tax returns for the 2008 tax year so if you studied there last year or anytime in the last 4 years apply for a Canada tax rebate now. 

Canadians studying abroad can also get foreign tax refunds from the countries they are working and studying in. International tax law is complicated though so it's best to use a professional, global tax refund service provider like taxback.com.

It's always a good idea to file a tax return wherever you're working as a bad tax record can affect your student visa in the future.