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Taxback.com provides art therapy for Bulgarian Hospital


Sveta Marina hospital As part of our global Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we formed a strong relationship with the Sveta Marina Hospital in Varna, Bulgaria. This hospital is one of   three clinics which specialises in treating children with cancer in Bulgaria. In 2008, we raised crucial funds for the refurbishment of the Children’s Haematology and Oncology Clinic and this was the beginning of a long-term relationship.

During the Summer we met with staff in the hospital and agreed to roll out an art therapy programme for the children being treated for cancer on the ward. Art therapy involves the use of art materials as a means of self-expression, communication and relief of stress.

We arranged for a range of different artists to come to the hospital to engage in a range of activities with the children including drawing, painting and puppeteering. The sessions are now in full swing.

The children have greatly enjoyed the creative sessions and benefited from them significantly. One little girl said of the sessions ‘I totally forget where I am, like nothing has changed, like I am healthy and am at home.’ Another little boy said ‘I want them to come every day, every morning, afternoon and evening!’

Dr. Kaleva, MD of the clinic, said: “Our long-term partner Taxback.com once again proved its loyalty and commitment to caring for the Bulgarian children which is highly appreciated. The activities bring them and help them to rationalise their daily lives and contribute to their emotional calmness, while developing new creative skills.”

We’re delighted to be making a difference to the lives of the children in Sveta Marina through the provision of the art therapy.