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Taxback.com Christmas donation to the Homeless


Christmas often makes us think of those who aren’t fortunate enough to spend the festive season with loved ones. As December has been bitterly cold this year, our Dublin office started to think about how the company could help the homeless. We recently heard about about the amazing work that the Capuchin Day Centre does for the homeless people in Dublin. Run by the Capuchin Monks, this centre provides meals and day-care facilities for those who are homeless. More importantly, though, it’s a place where people can go for a kindly word and companionship, a temporary refuge from the hardship and loneliness of the streets. We made a donation to the Capuchin Day Centre so that it could help even more people at a very busy time of year. The donation was made from our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget. Founded by Brother Kevin Crowley, the centre has been helping homeless people for over forty years. He was very grateful for the donation that taxback.com made. “Thank you so much for this very kind donation. It’s going to make such a difference to us. The generosity of taxback.com has meant that we’ll be able to provide meals and support to even more people over Christmas.” A staggering 450 people attend the centre for dinner every day and the centre is seeing a steady rise in this number. We wish Brother Kevin and all the people who work at the Capuchin Centre the best.