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Taxback.com continues supporting CCI Greenheart


Last year, we were delighted to be able to donate to The Greenheart Club, part of CCI Greenheart, to help them with the cost of providing unique travel scholarship opportunities to their members. This year, we are delighted to announce that we are donating $1,400 to CCI Greenheart, money which will go towards funding their first annual Camp Greenheart.

Camp Greenheart has been set up to provide disadvantaged youths from Chicago and the surrounding area to participate in a week of activities which will bolster their education and personal development while allowing them to make life long friendships and develop their skills through participating in exciting activities.

The goal of the venture by CCI Greenheart is to ‘break both cultural and economic barriers’ as well as foster cultural diversity by having foreign exchange students from around the world– who are also part of the CCI family – serve as Camp Leaders. This year, the young participants will take part in classes and activities centred on volunteering, the environment, personal responsibility and development, culture, creativity, health and music, as well as take part in more traditional camp activities like zip lining and rock climbing.

Our donation will help CCI Greenheart in a number of areas, including offsetting the travel and living costs of the international students serving as global leaders at the camp, train their leaders and contributing to the cost of paying the camp cost for a child who otherwise would not be able to afford to go.

Taxback.com is delighted to be in a position to provide continued support to our friends over at CCI Greenheart in the fantastic and life changing work that they do. We wish all this years young Camp Greenheart participants the best of luck. We hope you build lifelong friendships, boost your education and make amazing memories.