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Taxback.com funds library for children


letter We take our Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously and we like to help charities all over the world. The latest presentation we made was to the Indreni Children’s Home in Kathmandu. Many of the children in the home come from extremely impoverished backgrounds. The poverty and tough family situations in Nepal force many children to leave their homes and head towards city areas in search of better lives but they are forced to be beggars, street children, child labourers or criminals at an early age. All funds raised by Indreni go directly to the work of improving the lives of the children in Kathmandu and providing them with a long-term future through education and support programmes. The Indreni Children’s Home currently cares for 30 children who all now benefit from nutritious food, healthcare, education, music and play. Speaking at the presentation of the cheque, founder and director of the charity, Keith Molony said: “We’d like to sincerely thank taxback.com. Taxback.com's commitment to helping the displaced and impoverished children in Kathmandu through Indreni helps guarantee a brighter future and chance at a better life for all the children under our care. “With the support of donors like Taxback.com Indreni is making a real difference to the lives of these children. The immediate use of Taxback.com's funding will be to put a portion of it to purchasing books and building a library in the children's home. The main part of the donation will go to funding the purchase of land so we can build a school.” We are delighted to have been able to help Indreni and thank the children for the lovely thank you card they made for us!