If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Taxback.com in South American Spanish

Taxback.com has launched 4 new Spanish language websites to service our clients in South America.

The new websites provide tailored tax refund information for people who have worked in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and 12 other countries. All tax information and documents are available in South American Spanish.

Visit our Chile website: www.taxback.cl for US tax refunds, Australian tax refunds and New Zealand tax refunds.

Visit our Colombia website: www.taxback.com.co for UK tax returns, US tax refunds and Australia tax refunds.

Visit our Ecuador website: www.taxback.com.ec for Canadian tax refunds, US tax returns and UK tax rebates.

Visit our Peru website: www.taxback.com.pe for US tax refunds, UK tax rebates and Canada tax returns.