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Taxback.com's International Community Outreach Programme works to provide relief and benefits to those most in need in the communities of our local offices. The initiative was launched in Autumn 2007 and is our way of giving back to the communities who have supported us over the years. Our wish is that the International Community Outreach Programme will help bring hope to those less fortunate all over the world. Our staff around the world are setting up charity projects in their local communities to target four key areas of need – health, education, youth and the elderly.

Taxback.com initiatives so far have included our office in Varna organising and delivering 3.5 tonnes of food and 12,000 litres of drinking water to a flood-ravaged village in Bulgaria. We have sponsored eight new volunteers for a youth helpline in Lithuania, brought desperately needed clothing to poor communities in Ecuador and Argentina, and provided emergency supplies to 29 families devastated by flooding in northwest Romania, as well as many other projects around the world Read about all our community outreach projects here.


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