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Taxback.com's Green Project


Green Project LogoA few years ago as part of our CSR initiative, taxback.com started the Green Project, a project which encourages eco-friendliness and minimal environmental impact. The biggest change we introduced as a result of this project is our paper recycling and shredding bins, which are located in every office. For the most part, taxback.com documents are kept on a electronic database, yet we still sometimes find unwanted papers floating around the office. We realised we had two options; we could throw them in the bin or let them pile up on our desks. Clearly, these were not great options. Instead, we switched almost entirely over to an electronic file storage system and started The Green Project to deal what papers we had left.

Now, the recycling bins in all our offices are five times bigger than our regular bins making recycling simple. We recently relocated our Dublin offices, discovering years of old files hidden away in forgotten cupboards in the process. In total, we ended up recycling nearly fifty bags of paper from our old office. What can we say; we enjoy doing our bit for the environment. You could even go so far as to call us tree huggers. In the past two weeks we have saved 6 trees from being felled and we recently brought some beautiful plants into our offices to bring some of the outside, in.

In 2010 we were voted third greenest company at the National B2B Media Best Green Company Awards and were presented with a certificate praising our contribution to green ideas and green innovation. In 2011, the competition was twice as big, but taxback.com still won (and was the only company to win) two awards; the Special Contribution Award for Green Practices and prestigious Paperless Office Award. As part of The Green Project, taxback.com runs a ‘Bright Ideas’ campaign among our employees, where we suggest creative eco-friendly projects we could organise to enrich our working environment.

So far we’ve built a beautiful green island in front of our Bulgarian office, introduced bicycle stands to most of our offices and brought in plants for a touch of nature while we work. We plan on continuing to expand and develop The Green Project in the years to come so we can become true eco-friendly warriors!