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Taxback.com makes donation to the Greenheart Club



This year, we have focused on expanding our global CSR initiative; most recently, we donated $5,000 to The Greenheart Club, part of Greenheart International, to provide travel scholarship opportunities to its members.

Greenheart International works towards the establishment of an interactive, global community, who choose to live in a way which is kind to our planet. To pursue this goal, Greenheart offers a multitude of diverse programmes promoting personal development, environmentalism, cultural exchange, fair trade, and volunteerism through their many sub branches, one of which is The Greenheart Club.

The Greenheart Club enhances cultural exchange programmes for students visiting the US, offering participants the chance to travel to amazing locations and make a positive impact in the community while they’re there. In exchange for the volunteer work they do, participants earn certificates, eco-fair trade gifts and project grants up to $500. Previous trips have been to destinations ranging from the Rocky Mountains to Hawaii, and with our donation students were able to visit Washington DC and New York.

We are planning to develop our US-based CSR activity, with a specific emphasis on intercultural education. With this in mind, The Greenheart Club was the perfect organisation to donate to. We look forward to supporting them to help young people travel to spectacular locations while helping others along the way.