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Toys Delivered to Children's Cancer Ward


More than 250 toys were delivered to the children's cancer ward at Sveta Marina Hospital in Bulgaria last week by taxback.com staff.

Toys Delivered to Children's Cancer Ward

The toys were donated as part of taxback.com's continued support and sponsorship of the ongoing improvement of the ward, which provides lifesaving treatment to 1000 children each year with blood and malignant diseases. In 2008 our company funded BGN 16,000 (€8000) worth of renovations to the ward and on June 12th we sponsored a charity gala event which fundraised an additional BGN 70,000 (€35,700) for equipment for the ward.

As part of this event hundreds of our staff around the world each personally donated a toy for the children on behalf of the gala dinner guests. Last week staff from our Varna office delivered the toys to Sveta Marina, to the delight of the children and their families.

Toys Delivered to Children's Cancer Ward

“Each child received a personal toy for their age and gender and they absolutely loved them,” taxback.com Marketing Manager Plamena Valcheva says. “I'm so happy to have the opportunity to be part of this. The children's eyes and the happiness our gifts brought reaffirmed how important and worthwhile our relationship with the hospital is. We look forward to continuing our support for the clinic throughout 2009.” Chief Doctor at the ward Doctor Kaleva describes the difference in the ward since the renovations were completed: “A mother was explaining to her husband that she and her son were in the hospital earlier that day and the child said – ‘I can't remember going to a hospital today!' The rooms are so sunny, so modern, so cozy, that they don't really look like rooms from a hospital!”

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