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Our prepaid moneycard is available for the US, the UK and Europe!

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Pre-Travel Money Cards

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Going travelling? Why not ditch the cash and get a taxback.com prepaid moneycard? Available for Europe, the UK and the US, it really is the safe way to pay for things when you’re abroad.

Taxback.com’s moneycard is a prepaid MasterCard which is used by thousands of people who are travelling abroad for work or holidays. It’s the perfect way to keep your money safe while travelling, and if you’re planning on working abroad you can even have your wages paid on to your card, cutting out the need to open a foreign bank account.

Unlike a credit card, our ingenious moneycard allows you to control the amount you spend by choosing how much money to put on the card. You’ll also avoid the high ATM fees associated with using your domestic card abroad. Find out more about it today.

The Taxback Group Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority. Registered Office: 36 Carnaby Street London, W1F 7DR. Registered No. 554603. Review our MoneyCards Terms & Conditions here.

How does it work?

  • Choose which moneycard you need: US, Europe or UK
  • Purchase your moneycard by clicking here
  • We’ll send you instructions for retrieving a unique pin number
  • Activate the card online
  • Top up your card in US Dollars, Euro or Pounds Sterling
  • Use the card wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark
  • Check your transactions whenever you want via SMS or by logging on to your own online account

Moneycard Benefits

  • Use it wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark in store, online, in bars and restaurants and at ATMs.
  • You control how much you put on the card so you won’t overspend
  • Use it at home, while travelling, or while working abroad
  • Get your wages paid directly onto the card so there’s no need for a bank account.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your finances are under control and safe
  • Top the card up again any time you like!

Our international moneycard helps you save money when you're abroad

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When people use their domestic ATM card abroad, they can be subject to very high fees and charges as it's treated like a foreign card. Using the taxback.com international moneycard can be far more cost effective. You can also choose to be paid onto the card rather than opening a foreign bank account.

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