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Our tax stories are frequently in the press and we’re often invited to comment on topical tax issues. We generate news coverage both in Ireland and
overseas. This year our coverage has spanned a wide range of stories including: Australian Income Tax and Superannuation Refunds, the Local Property Tax in Ireland, CSR activity we carried out and our Irish tax return service.

Below you can see the taxback.com stories that generated headlines over the last couple of months.

Press Clippings

Consumer Corner: How to count the cost of getting divorced

...with taxback.com, Barry Cahill, says that a person's tax status may change following a separation, depending on how it was set up when they were married. "As a starting point, both parties should notify Revenue of any changes as soon as possible, so that the correct adjustments can be made," he said. Glenn Gaughran of the Independent Trustee Company...
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25 May 2022 - irishexaminer.com

82pc of homes are less than 10km away from a remote work hub, CSO

...500 metres from a childcare service. This doubled to two in three (66pc) for residents in Dublin city but was just 15pc for those located in counties Monaghan, Roscommon and Donegal." Irish people's attitude to remote work hubs Barry Cahill, director of Taxback.com 's Employee Financial Wellbeing Service, said that his organisation had done some... further along than others in terms of providing access to these hubs ­– so there is more work to do – but we are moving in the right direction." Cahill also said that a quarter of respondents to Taxback.com's survey said that they didn't know what these hubs were. This, he said, "isn't altogether surprising, but perhaps in 12 to 24 months they will...
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25 May 2022 - siliconrepublic.com

Have you worked abroad? Here’s how to claim your tax refund

.... However, many people struggle to understand their tax filing obligations when working in a foreign country. That's why most people use a tax agent, like Taxback.com, to claim their tax refund when they've worked abroad. Taxback.com have tax experts for each of the 12 countries that they provide a tax filing service for. So, why not hand it over to the... tax experts so they can ensure you are fully tax compliant and claiming back the maximum tax refund you are entitled to? APRIL International clients will get a 15% discount on percentage fees with Taxback.com . To get started with Taxback.com, simply fill in this short form .  How are your service fees calculated? Our service fees are calculated as a...
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25 May 2022 - fr.april-international.com

TransferMate hits unicorn status with $70m fundraise

...subsidiary of CluneTech, which was founded and is led and owned by Terry Clune, the founder and owner of Taxback.com. Since it was founded 12 years ago, the business has built one of the largest portfolios of payments licenses worldwide, including 51 US states and territories, to support trading in more than 201 countries and 141 currencies. The...
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23 May 2022 - rte.ie

'Alarming' number of Irish people missing out on up to €7,400 cash back

...must be directly related to the nature of employment. 'SURPRISING' Barry Cahill, Director of Taxback.com's Employee Financial Wellbeing Service was "alarmed" at the low levels of people claiming tax refunds. Taxback.com have submitted tax returns for thousands of workers who participated in their Employee Financial Wellbeing programme and the... money. Taxback.com 's Taxpayer Sentiment Survey 2022 revealed that more than five in 10 people do not claim the tax reliefs and refunds they are owed on a yearly basis. Some 17 per cent of people said they've only ever claimed tax refunds once in their life, while 11 per cent said they only do it "very sporadically". While one in five have either...
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21 May 2022 - thesun.ie

Can nursing home fees be offset against inheritance tax?

...at the same time. Indeed, this daughter may be exempt from inheritance tax at all, since according to taxback.com, she could be in a position to avail of Dwelling House Relief, which can be claimed if the house continues to be her main home for at least six years after you pass away and it is her only or main residence for at least three years prior...
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20 May 2022 - independent.ie

Two-Thirds Of Us Love Working From Home And Would Use Hubs

...More than six in 10 workers would love to work from home and would use the Government's new remote working hubs if given the opportunity, a Taxback.com survey has found. The survey discovered that 55% of workers considered coming into the office as more costly than working from home, which prompted them to express their interest in the... Government's new Connected Hub facilities — more than 60% would use one if it was nearby. Barry Cahill, head of Taxback.com's employee financial wellbeing service, said: 'More than half of respondents felt that working in the office is more costly than working from home. This stands to reason, as the expenses incurred going into the office every day can stack...
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16 May 2022 - extra.ie

Australian Tax File Number - What you need to know!

...short form and the Taxback.com team will help you out - https://www.taxback.com/en/australia/tfn/?utm_ref=tb-yt...
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16 May 2022 - youtube.com

60% of workers support remote working hubs

...More than 6 in 10 workers "love the idea" of remote working hubs and would be willing to use one of the Government's new Connected Hubs facilities, if there was one in their area. According to the latest Taxback.com Taxpayer Sentiment Survey (See Appendix) of 1,200+ taxpayers from Taxback.com's customer database, 55% of those surveyed... consider working in the office to be more expensive than working from home, whereas 33% say the costs are about the same. 60% of workers support remote working hubs Barry Cahill, Barry Cahill, Director of Taxback.com's Employee Financial Wellbeing Service commented on the findings, "To date, the State has invested more than €100 million upgrading...
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16 May 2022 - irishtechnews.ie

Does the bike-to-work scheme apply to people working from home?

...clarification is needed on this point, according to director of financial advisory firm Taxback.com Barry Cahill. Revenue currently states that you have to use your bike for all or part of your journey to work, and that outside of this you can use the bike for leisure. However, it does not specify how many journeys to or from work you must take...
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14 May 2022 - independent.ie

Your Money: How to beat the inflation squeeze

...don't fancy the paperwork, then hire someone to do it for you for a cut or fixed fee. Taxback.com, Redoak.ie and TaxAssist.ie are all good and should easily pay for themselves with the money you get back. The most commonly overlooked refunds are: - Health Expenses: 20pc is allowable of everything from GP visits to medicines (including that...
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14 May 2022 - independent.ie

More pain due as mortgage interest rates to rise

.... Longer-term fixed rates now need to be considered, says Grant "as long as full product features are clearly understood". These developments come hot on the heels of the release of two surveys looking at how we're reacting the rapid onset of inflation. A Taxback.com survey found, unsurprisingly, that 90% of us are feeling the pinch as a result of soaring...
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13 May 2022 - irishexaminer.com


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