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Payroll is a necessary but often time-consuming task which can take companies away from more critical priorities such as sales and business development.'s payroll service has been designed to let employers outsource their payroll requirements and focus on the factors that drive their business forward.

Payroll services can become complex when a company has got staff operating within several different tax jurisdictions within a given year. Whether you have domestic staff only, or expatriate employees, we can tailor the right - and cost-effective - payroll solution for you.

Our experienced tax professionals will provide a seamless payroll service that takes care of tax and social security responsibilities across all jurisdictions. We have the facility to work in multiple currencies and can arrange split payments if required.

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What does the payroll service offer?

  • Worldwide payroll calculations
  • Multiple jurisdictions covered
  • Payslips for all employees choice of payment frequencies
  • Tax and social security deductions calculation and advice
  • Coordination of tax and social security payments
  • Employer wage tax return reports and submission
  • Updates on rate changes for pensions and social security contributions
  • Payment of net pay into the employees' bank accounts wherever
  • Payment of Directors' fees
  • Year-end documentation supplied to employees
  • Advice on relocation costs and subsistence payments

Payroll Case Study

An Irish manufacturing company wishes to send a number of employees to work on a project in Germany for 2 years. The company has no branch or office in Germany and therefore has no personnel experienced in operating German payroll. The employees have assignment packages including various relocation costs and assignment benefits and the company wishes to ensure that they are compliant in both Ireland and Germany.

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The solution

Our tax teams in the home and host locations can review the packages and advise on the taxation of the various elements of compensation. Our tax teams can also advise regarding employer and employee registration requirements in the two locations. The social security position of the employees may also be reviewed and advice and assistance is available in respect of applications required in order to maintain the employees in the correct system.

Our payroll teams arrange for the set up of an expatriate payroll for the employees ensuring that the tax and social security payments are correctly calculated. We arrange for delivery of the compensation to the employees (split payments can be arranged – delivering a portion in Germany and a portion in Ireland if required), payment to the tax and social security authorities in the various locations and payment of expenses to the various service providers.

We provide detailed reports itemising the payments made for the employer and provide the employees with online access to payslips. We are available to answer employer and employee questions as required.

Our tax team can also assist in preparing end of year tax returns in the home and host locations at competitive rates for the employees.

Payroll Service FAQ

  • What are the benefits in outsourcing my payroll requirements?
    Outsourcing your payroll requirements gives you the freedom to free up your resources to deal with more important, revenue-generating activities. It may also enable you to run your payroll in a more cost-effective manner. Outsourcing will also lighten the load on your internal services as will retain the payroll records on our systems. You will also be granted a dedicated Account Manager who will answer any questions you have and provide support and advice.
  • Who is the payroll service suitable for?
    The payroll service is suitable for companies of all sizes with both local and expatriate staff. Our payroll specialists have considerable experience in dealing with both types of employees.
  • What additional services can I avail of?
    In addition to the standard payroll service, our tax experts can provide tax advice on relocation costs and subsistence payments across the relevant jurisdictions. We can also provide tax assistance for both your expatriate and domestic employees.
  • Can I get hardcopy payslips?
    Yes. Our payslips are supplied electronically for environmental reasons but we can also provide hard copy versions on request.
  • How much does the payroll service cost?

    Our fees start from as little as €3 per payslip per month. We have a fixed fee structure to keep all our costs transparent. The fees charged are based on the number of employees and are on a bundled basis, according to the location of the payroll(s), number of payrolls required and any additional services required. A sample package would be as follows:

    Company: Irish payroll required for 50 local Irish employees paid on a monthly basis.

    Fee: Annual fee of €2,280 to include set-up costs, payroll services and year-end processing.

    Contact us today about your specific requirements.
  • I have unusual payroll requirements. Can help me?
    Yes. We don't operate on a ‘one size fits all' basis. We look at each company's individual requirements and tailor a package to suit.
  • How do I get started?
    Simply fill out our short online registration form and one of our payroll specialists will give you a call back.


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