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The average Irish tax refund is €880

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Irish Tax Refund Calculator

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Tax Return Services

PAYE Tax Refunds

Our Irish tax refund service helps Irish citizens and foreign workers claim income tax refunds as well as any additional refunds such as medical expenses, rent relief, Universal Social Charge and PRSI refunds. The average Irish tax refund for PAYE workers is €880. We can provide you with a free four-year tax assessment to see if you're owed any money back from previous years so you could due a significant Irish tax refund.

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Tax Return Filing

You need to file an Irish tax return for several reasons including if you’re self-employed or have rental, foreign or investment income. Our self-assessed tax return service is priced at a flat fee and will provide you with a dedicated tax advisor in Kilkenny and year-round service. We will also make sure you are claiming all applicable tax relief.

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Contractor Services provides a complete accounting, taxation and payroll service to contractors. Our team of qualified accountants and tax consultants works with both agencies and individual contractors to tailor a service based on their specific needs. We will make sure you are fully compliant with Revenue and are availing of all deductions and tax relief.

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Local Property Tax

Local property tax was introduced in Ireland in 2013 meaning that residential properties are now subject to an annual tax. This tax is self-assessed so property owners need to file a tax return and make a payment. Revenue may withhold tax refunds or reliefs owed to you if you have not filed your property tax return. We can apply for your Irish tax refund to cover the cost of your property tax bill.

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It's free to find out what you're owed

Our Irish tax refund calculator is absolutely FREE to use. We operate on a no refund no fee basis so you can find out what you’re owed and then decide if you want to proceed. The average Irish tax refund is €880 so it’s well worth applying. What’s more, we can go back four years for your tax refund estimation so you might get back quite a large refund. Click on our Irish tax calculator today for your no obligation, free refund estimation.
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We provide both Irish tax refund and tax return filing services

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Irish Office Contact Info

Our Irish Customer Care team is based in our Kilkenny Office. They are on hand to answer all your Irish tax refund and tax return filing questions. We also have an office in Dublin city centre. You can reach people in both Irish offices by calling the Irish freephone number 1800 66 88 66.

The staff in either of our Irish offices would be happy to help.

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