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End of UK Tax Year Approaching

04 April 2014

April 5th is the end of the UK tax year which means it’s time to apply for your UK tax refund.

Many UK tax payers are due a tax refund and don’t even know it, which means thousands of people don’t apply for their refund and millions of pounds are left with the tax man every year. At, our customers get an average UK tax refund of £963, so it’s well worth applying.

To see how much you could be due, you can use our free, no obligation tax refund calculator. It will give you an estimation of how much tax you could get back. Remember, the average UK tax refund is £997, but you could be due more depending on your individual circumstances.

Once you’ve seen how much you could get back, all you have to do is download, fill in and send them to your nearest office, then sit back while we do all the paperwork and get you the maximum legal tax rebate possible.

Don’t be one of the thousands of people who forgo their tax refund. Get started on your tax refund application by using our free tax refund calculator now.

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