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The average Norweigan tax refund is 3000 kroner!

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Norway Tax Refunds

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If you’ve worked in Norway, then you will have paid a number of taxes on your earnings including income tax (inntektsskatt) and wealth tax (formuesskatt) on the items you own.

Norwegian income tax currently stands at around 28% of your earnings. Anyone who earned money in Norway is legally obliged to submit a tax return every year. Filing a Norwegian tax return has two purposes:

1. To comply with Norwegian tax laws

2. To check if you’ve overpaid tax

When we file your tax return with the Norwegian tax office, we will also check if you’re due a tax refund. The average Norwegian tax refund is between 3000 and 4000 kroner so it’s worth finding out what you’re owed. Talk to us about getting your Norwegian tax back today.

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Useful Norwegian Tax Facts

  • The Norwegian tax year runs from January 1st to December 31st
  • The tax filing deadline in Norway is mid April – you must have filed your income tax return for the previous tax year by this time otherwise you could incur hefty fines and penalties
  • We can help you claim your Norwegian Tax refund over the last four years.
  • You could be entitled to a tax refund from Norway for a number of reasons including:

    - You're married

    - You only worked for part of the tax year

    - You took a break in your employment or between jobs
  • customers get an average tax refund of 3000-4000 kroner.

Worked anywhere else? Claim your tax back from there too!

Customer Corner

  • Customer Avatar
    Cillian Shields
    The fact that you could get in contact with a member of staff whenever needed. The online talk service was good.

    15 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Daniel Holian
    My account managers that I dealt with were extremely courteous throughout the process which took nearly two years as a result of an issue with the NYC State Tax Office. I was never forgotten about with or my account manager; Ekaterina Kamburova. She was kind, extremely professional and handled my queries and problems with the upmost professional courtesy one would expect. Thank You Ekaterina!

    15 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Marli Margraf
    The Live Chat is really useful!

    15 April 2014

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    Viktoriia Lebedieva
    The Live Chat Service is very convenient.

    14 April 2014

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    Kathy Bertin-Margueritte
    The Chat service was very helpful because you can ask any time you want.

    13 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Kathy Bertin Margueritte
    Agents are very helpful and available any times.

    13 April 2014

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    Daojing Liu
    I do really appreciate the account due to the fact that I can track the details on the whole progress.

    12 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    David O Dwyer
    Your staff,Shane, Finn and Andrada were very helpful and always dealth with my queries in a prompt and professional manner.

    11 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Ivan Ko
    It was very fast and customer satisfying!

    11 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Katy Scanlan
    Customer service was very good, I felt informed and confident about my tax refund.

    11 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Tracey Barnett
    Very good service,easy to understand everything.

    11 April 2014

  • Customer Avatar
    Tahlia Mulder has been such a blessing! The process of retrieving my tax return was painfully simple, and Kalina did a great job! All updates were communicated clearly and there was never a time when I was uninformed. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!

    10 April 2014

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