We will boost your tax refund


We will boost
your tax refund

Our Tax Specialists will check all the reliefs you're entitled to and claim them back.

Our Promise: You'll get the Highest Legal Tax Refund!


Hassle-Free Tax Refund

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No Refund, No Fee

  1. Fill out the short form above
  2. We will guide you through all tax reliefs you can claim to get a bigger refund
  3. We will advise you of the refund you are due and send your tax return to the Revenue
  4. Your refund is then sent directly to your bank account in an average of 8 working days

No One Should Overpay Tax!

average refund

Average Refund: €1,880

Our Certified Tax Accountants check every entitlement to make sure you're claiming the Maximum Legal Refund.

no refund, no fee

No Refund, No Fee

We check if you are due a refund for the last 4 years, but if you are not, you won't pay us a penny!

bank transfer

Bank Transfer

No need to worry about queuing at the bank with a refund cheque. We send your refund to your bank account.

24/7 chat support

24/7 Chat Support

Our Online Chat Support is ready and waiting if you have any questions about your application.

Who Are We?

While Taxback.com comes from humble beginnings; a student filing taxes for his friends, with a little help from his mother, it’s now a global company with 32 offices in 24 countries and over 1 million taxes filed. That’s over 1 million happy customers who we’ve helped maximise their tax refund.

We also offer a Lost Document Service. If you can't find your P60, P45, statement of income, or statement of non-earnings, we can source these for you.

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