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Calculateur de remboursement d'impôt des États-Unis

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Si vous avez travaillé aux Etats-unis avec un visa temporaire, vous avez probablement droit à un remboursement d'impôts. Mais comment en être sûr ? Notre calculateur de remboursement des Etats-Unis est là pour vous aider -et c'est gratuit! Répondre aux questions ne prend que quelques minutes, et vous obtiendrez une estimation immédiate de votre remboursement de taxes des Etats-Unis. Nos clients obtiennent en moyenne un remboursement de $800, alors ce serait de la folie que de ne pas vérifier combien vous pouvez recevoir! Renseignez simplement vos revenus totaux, le montant de taxes payées, votre visa et le
calculateur de taxes des Etats-Unis fera le reste..

Ce calculateur ne vous engage à rien, vous pouvez arretez votre demande si vous le souhaitez. Mais avec un remboursement moyen de $800, qui ne voudrait pas continuer ? Essayez notre calculateur des Etat-Unis dès ajourd'hui pour savoir quel remboursement vous pouvez obtenir.

Choses utiles concernant le calculateur d'impôt des États-Unis

  • Le calculateur de taxes des Etats -Unis est gratuit !
  • Cela ne prend que 2 minutes pour obtenir une estimation de votre remboursement
  • Fonctionne pour plusieurs types de visas des Etats-Unis, dont le J, F, Q, M
  • Votre estimation de remboursement vous est envoyée par email dans votre messagerie
  • Une utilisation aisée en procédant étape par étape
  • Des informations pour demander votre remboursement d'impôt des Etats-Unis vous seront fournies

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  • Customer Avatar
    I was notified of a tax refund and what I had to do to receive it. This only took a few minutes to complete and I was notified I'd be paid within a few days. I'm glad this was all sorted out because I had mixed messages about this refund saying I wasn't entitled then another message to say I was. This was the best news of all. A very speedy process and I'm thrilled.

    15 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Extremely fast and easy. Got my money back with no hassle at all. Definitely recommend!

    10 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Great service ! Easy, efficient, professional. I totally recommend !

    03 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    This was very easy to understand and fast process. It was great whenever I didn't understand something or had an issue, I could chat to an agent at any time and the issue would be resolved fast.

    26 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    I am grateful that Taxback team was very responsive and kind during the whole process which took more than a year. They explained me everything in detail and finally I received my taxes. Team is great and I recommend this service for every foreigner who does not know how to receive their taxes on their own.

    21 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    good service always helpful, east to deal with, i like the operators, very good and plesant

    19 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Thank you so much. The tax refund happened very quickly, there were no problems.

    17 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Kind cooperation and support. Many thanks 🙂

    15 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Awesome experience from the very beginning till the end.. I left New Zealand 3 years ago and didn't even know that I still be able to claim my tax back from that time till I stumbled across one of their ads on Google.. So I just gave it a try and it couldn't have been any better.. Even I didn't had any Payslips or even a Copy of my Visa anymore, they got everything sorted for me in less than a month.. Very responsive with Emails and live chat.. They even have a live tracker where they update you with all the details you need..Highly recommended.. Thanks a lot Guys

    13 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Almost perfect, maybe a little slowly like a process, but still correct.

    05 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Really easy process and no issues with the refund process. Kept up to date with the process all the way. The expected return estimate that they gave was the amount that they refunded.

    03 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Great service, I found the live chat very useful. Overall great experience!

    29 April 2021

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