COVID-19 update: Working from home? You may be entitled to claim e-worker tax relief

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Average Refund: €1,076.17

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If you're a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker, such as a receptionist, nurse or a teacher, your employer will deduct tax from your earnings. Most people don't know that they may be entitled to a refund of some of the tax paid to Revenue during the year

Irish Paye Tax RefuNDs

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Every year thousands of Irish people overpay tax with Revenue and are due tax back.

Our specialised PAYE tax refund service ensures you get back all the tax you've overpaid to Revenue over the last four years!

Who can claim tax back?

Most Irish taxpayers are entitled to a tax refund. The average customer gets €1,076 – so it’s definitely worth checking how much you’re owed!

You could be due an Irish tax refund if:

  • You were made redundant
  • You were taxed incorrectly
  • You had a break in employment
  • You paid tax at the emergency rate
  • You incurred medical or dental expenses
  • You went on maternity leave

What can I claim?

Medical and dental expenses

If you have paid for GP, Consultant or Dentist bills (and lots more), you could be due 20% of the cost back as a tax refund.

Our tax team will transfer your maximum refund straight to your bank account.

Nursing home

The costs associated with long-term care in a nursing home can often be very substantial.

But the good news is that, if you pay nursing home fees for either yourself or a loved one, you may be due back as much as 40% of the cost!

You can claim your maximum nursing home tax refund online with

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Stay and Spend Tax Refunds

Did you know that if you spend money while on staycation in Ireland, you could be due tax back?

Through the Stay and Spend scheme, which runs from 1 October 2020 - 30 April 2021, taxpayers can claim as much as €250 in tax relief.
In order to claim your Stay and Spend tax refund, you will need to keep your restaurant and accommodation receipts safe. will help you claim your maximum tax refund. Apply online today.

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Universal Social Charge Refunds

The Universal Social Charge (USC) was introduced in Ireland in 2011 to replace the Health & Income levies.

The Universal Social Charge is payable by anyone earning over €4,004 per annum. The rates of Universal Social Charge are: 2% on the first €10,036, 4% on the next €5,980 and 7% on the balance. You may have overpaid the USC if you started or stopped working during the year, obtained a medical card or turned 70. We can assist you in claiming any USC refunds you are owed and will check this when you apply for a PAYE refund.

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COVID-19 subsidy payments and tax impact

Are you an employer? Are you fielding confusing questions from your employees about the subsidy payments and tax impact of COVID19?

If you or your employees have been in receipt of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) or COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP), you could have a significant tax owing at year end. is committed to helping employers and employees reduce their tax liability by securing all due credits and available reliefs. Contact a tax expert today!

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Working from home

Remote workers are entitled to claim tax relief on many common home utility bills such as heating, electricity and broadband.

So, if you work from home, either full or part-time, you should apply for your tax refund!

Married couples

Got married in the last four years? You could be due a BIG tax refund.

You can claim ‘year of marriage’ tax relief easily online with

Flat-rate expenses

From bar staff to nurses and from teachers to firefighters – flat-rate expenses are available to thousands of Irish employees who work in a variety of different jobs.

These expenses are designed to cover common work related costs such as tools, uniforms and stationery.

Our tax team will help you claim your flat-rate expenses for the last four years.

Tuition fees

Paying third level college fees for yourself or a loved one?

You could be due a significant tax refund!

We’ll help you to secure your maximum refund and transfer your money straight to your bank account.

Single parents and home carers

If you care for a child or a dependent loved one at home, you could be due tax relief worth €1,600!

You can claim every tax credit you’re due online with

Emergency tax

Many workers pay a higher rate of tax – or emergency tax – when they start a new job. The good news is that you can claim your emergency tax back!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. A wide range of tax reliefs can be claimed, depending on your personal circumstances. For more information on what you can claim, check out our FAQs – or better yet, contact our team today!

Why apply with

We get tax back for our customer all day everyday! Our average customer gets €1,076.

  • You will receive your maximum Irish tax refund
  • No refund, no fee!
  • Total 4 year tax review - we’ll ensure you claim every tax relief and credit you’re due
  • We transfer your money straight to your bank account
  • Not sure what you can claim? No problem! Contact our Live Chat team anytime 24/7!

To get started, complete the short form here.

We got Irish tax back for thousands of people this year

Join the huge number of customers from all over Ireland who have got their Irish tax refunds back from We provide Irish tax refunds for both Irish and foreign workers. We will check out your individual circumstances to make sure we claim all applicable tax reliefs and deductions. We take all the hard work out of the tax refund process so you can sit back and relax and wait for your refund. It’s completely FREE to find out what you’re owed so what are you waiting for?
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Irish Office Contact Info

Our Irish Customer Care team is based in our Kilkenny Office. They are on hand to answer all your Irish tax refund and tax return filing questions. We also have an office in Dublin city centre. You can reach people in both Irish offices by calling the Irish freephone number 1800 99 18 05.

The staff in either of our Irish offices would be happy to help.

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Useful Irish Tax Facts

  • The Irish tax year runs from 1st January to 31st December
  • You can go back 4 years for your Irish tax refund
  • The average Irish PAYE tax refund is €1,076.17
  • We also provide Universal Social Charge (USC) refunds
  • A P60 is the tax certificate you receive from your employer in January after the tax year ends
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We provide tax refunds from 12 different countries

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A lot of people nowadays haven’t just worked in one country. That’s why we always check if you’ve ever worked abroad. Many of our Irish tax customers have also got tax refunds from other countries including Australia, the US, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. If you’ve worked overseas, there’s a very good chance you could be due a tax refund. To find out more about the other tax refund services we provide, click here.

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    Great experience. Nice approach from guys from Taxback.

    12 November 2021

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    Good support from! Got my first tax assessment! by and it was really good experiences working with them.

    01 November 2021

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    I'm satisfied about the work and the procedure; I was guided and well informed

    14 October 2021

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    Great job and very quick, I expected it to take longer.

    05 October 2021

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    I was followed throughout the procedure with competence and promptness

    27 September 2021

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    My contract and work permit ended in mid 2021, i had the pleasure in having my case handled by taxback professional representative Nina Velikova. Since my case was little complicated Nina took the extra mile in contacting me via phone to assist me in fully understanding my case and how we can execute it in the best way for my maximum benefit. Thanks to Nina and taxback team.

    13 September 2021

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    The attention I received was excellent! Thank you so much for your time.

    03 September 2021

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    My experience was very good. I received a response to my queries in a effective way.

    02 September 2021

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    Good and affordable service Good and affordable service. With their help, I was able to file late returns in Canada and New Zealand, which included complicated double-taxation issues. I especially appreciated their willingness to communicate regularly with me via email. Thank you.

    28 August 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Great support and diligent workers! Its been almost 5 years since i've been to the US and i totally forgot that i requested for a tax refund. However, the team at taxback surely are very diligent in their work as they were still able to still track me down so i'll be able to receive my hard earned money. Thank you taxback!

    20 August 2021

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    You guys provide an excellent service, in future I will not hesitate to recommend my friends to get assist with the team. Really appreciated the help of the team coz its my first time to get my tax return and I am grateful for the excellent service. 👍

    05 August 2021

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    Filled out the info and the team did the rest, very happy

    02 August 2021

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