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We'll make sure you are tax compliant both at home and abroad

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Expatriate Tax Services

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Our Expatriate Tax Team helps people with the tax issues that they face upon moving to and working in another country. We will help you navigate the tax and social security responsibilities arising from relocating to other tax jurisdictions.

We make sure that you comply with all relevant foreign and domestic tax regimes. We will also help you avail of any applicable tax reliefs or exemptions, wherever you are based or whatever your domicile position is. We have a dedicated division for US expats which you can find out more about here.

Our expat tax team keeps abreast of constantly changing tax legislation so you can rest assured that you're compliant in all jurisdictions. In addition to expatriate tax services for individuals, we also provide a global mobility solution for corporate clients.

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  • Tax compliance in multiple jurisdictions
  • Employer & Employee tax registrations
  • Tax-efficient remuneration
  • Double taxation relief claims
  • Social Security applications
  • Tax equalisation assistance
  • Payroll services
  • Liaising with foreign and domestic tax authorities

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