Online Chat is a privately owned company and is not part of Irish Revenue. While all tax forms are also directly available from Irish Revenue free of charge, by using, you will receive full guidance and an end-to-end service. The tax refund estimation service is free.

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Stuart Clarke
Everything was quick and easy an excellent service.

Good information about taxes in time to time.

Keith Morris
It is friendly and hassle free. And i will continue to use this service and will also tell my family and friends about

Georgina Gillooly
Regular updates. Friendly emails. Very efficient staff.

Seonjeong Kim
I feel very comfortable and easy to use. I don`t know how I can get tax refund without remembrance of my tax number. But I received alarm from and they just gave the way how I can get my refund. kindness and easy to use were very nice.

Asa Wadeskog
Stanislav Stanchev has assisted me not only with this Taxback refund but with previous ones as well and I always find him very helpful and he provides great customer service. A real asset to your team!

Beau Irwin
Natalia was fantastic and personable!

Rory Carter
The consistent communication and updates was great!

Daniel Vieira de Melo Freire
Transparency and the easy communication that used to contact me.

Chandra Maragh
Quick and very easy. Great customer service!

Matias Zavaleta
I like the fact that there was an agent who proved to be really involved in my case and we were in frequent communication. She made it really easy for me as I only had to follow her directions and that was it. Always clear and fast. Thank you.

Ulrike Derka
They are very kind, calling me all the time for helping me.

Thomas Mc Gowan
It saved me dealing with the NZ Revenue myself and just took all that hassle out of it.
The process was easy and the information was straight forward.
Time was not an issue for myself so i did not mind waiting.
Easy to use service and very informative.

David Ouazan
The fact that my new agent Remi Favier took back my file instead of being taken care of a European tax agent.
He has done a very clear, good and fast job, and helped me to understand everything which I really appreciated.

Vaclav Novak
Chat help is very perfect.

Rachel Taylor
The person in charge of my tax back progress (Stela) was very helpful and emailed back very quickly.

Jaimie David
I found all questions I had were answered clearly and extremely promptly. I was advised every step of the way and I did not have to keep contacting Taxback for updates as they did it as a matter of course. Very satisfied and will be using Taxback again.

Sarah McConnell
Great communication from my agent, and how fast the process was once I gave her the information she needed, thank you marina.

Bernie O`Dwyer
The staff members never got upset or annoyed and were always available and helpful.

David McGill
Communicated with me throughout the process, kept up to date and in the loop!

Gavin Williams
I felt reassured that TaxBack were working efficiently to retrieve both my Tax and Super in a timely manner. The customer service team is always close at hand to respond to any queries and provide information. Once the forms have been filled in you can just sit back, relax and wait for your money to come through.

Tomas Saroch

Aira Clarice M. Mahusay
All of it is cool. God bless your team always! :)

Rogen Genton
Thank you very much for processing my tax from United States. Even though I am not in US anymore, you guys did a way to make it easier for me to receive it. I will be looking forward to having transactions with you anytime soon. I appreciate it a lot.

Evelina Lukasevic
good service,thanks Andrea:),easy to understand...

Jessica Parsons
Having communication with manager Elitsa Stoyanova, who was so efficient at keeping me informed and replying to emails. Thank you Elitsa.

Eliana De Vito
Victoria, my agent was all the time helping me with everything, she made all my process easier.

Alisha Barry
The on line tracker...that i could log on at any time to see the status on my claim. Also the agents were so nice. They weren`t calling you 24/7 like most places. They were professional and very helpful and explained everything that i din`t understand!

Zengying Li
Taxback staff are helpful and efficient;
High integrity, do what is said;
Fees are reasonable;

Timothy Winowich
The live chat was extremely useful.

Robert Stewart
Dimitar was extremely mannerly, efficient and helpful at all times. Gave clear information, communicated regularly and was a pleasure to deal with.

Jemimah Yap
Updates and email confirmations about the tax back progress.

Helio Isayama
I liked most about the reliable service taxback provided.

Helene Zerosio
I always had answers when I asked something, you are very reactive and it is valuable.

Chloe Briegel
Even with imprecise information about my jobs and employers they manage to find it anyway!

Julie Cord
Customer service was excellent! I was not aware that I was eligible for a refund because I had been out of the country for so long. Taxback contacted me and helped me through the entire process which made it very simple to receive my refund. Really good experience all around.

Philipp Paetzold
The quick and easy way to receive taxes from countries like Canada where ever you are...

Emeline Sissaoui
Tax tracker account is really useful.

Wilfredo S. Placer
You always remind the customer about the refundable amount- big amount or small amount, and you always give very accurate information about the the policy and guidelines.

Klara Alm
Easy to understand the process and easy to use the website.

Eoin Murphy
Customer Service and I had to do very little on my end, everything taken care off, very good service.

Guru Thonse
Prompt Communication!

Chiara Bove
Whole service was very efficient. Very nice agents.

Angelo De Laet
it was a mess when i tried it (multiple times), now than it`s you, it was easy, just giving the information you need and that`s it for me ^^

Leanne MacDonald
Thank you for constantly keeping me updated on the progress of my application. The live chat service is also really convenient.

Dmitry Krasnorutskiy
Clear and efficient communication.

Inez Rudnik provided me with quick e-mail replies, and if ever i needed even faster replies or had any questions at all (sometimes silly or stupid) I could use the chat and always got a quick and straight response! The chat staff are very friendly and efficient.

Laura Gaffney
Efficiency. Step by step updates online, so I always knew the progress. Very convenient and straight forward.

Paul Cooke
Very helpful and very nice people!

Lucy Murray
The process was quite easy, all the work was done for me by an agent, I only had to submit information and they did the rest!

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