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Dacă sunteți marinari pe statul de plată german, ați putea fi eligibili pentru a solicita rambursarea impozitului german



Returnare taxe non rezidenti

Dacă navigați pe un vas și sunteți plătiți prin intermediul unei societăți germane, vă putem evalua situația fiscală și putem verifica dacă vi se datorează rambursarea impozitului german.

Cheltuielile pentru educație profesională și pentru reînnoirea certificatelor legate de navigație pot fi și ele solicitate, deci merită să vedeți ce vi se datorează.

Dacă nu sunteți impozitați corect și aveți reședința în UE/SEE, putem modifica modul în care sunteți impozitați și putem solicita o înlesnire fiscală mai mare atunci când vă depuneți declarația fiscală anuală.

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Date fiscale germane utile

  • Anul fiscal german este cuprins între 1 ianuarie și 31 decembrie
  • Rambursarea medie a impozitului pentru marinarii germani este de 2750€
  • Dacă aveți surse adiționale de venit altele decât venitul generat din activitatea de navigatie, acestea trebuie declarate anual.

Estimarea rambursării impozitului german este gratuită

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Calculatorul nostru de rambursare a impozitului german este gratuit de utilizat, pentru a afla ce vi se datorează și pentru a decide dacă să continuați sau nu. Calculatorul fiscal german vă va da o estimare, însă după ce solicitați rambursarea unui impozit, vom evalua circumstanțe adiționale, pentru a vedea cum vă putem maximiza suma rambursată. Începeți astăzi gratuit!

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  • Customer Avatar
    No hassle. Fast and easy transaction. Very good service.

    09 July 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Was contacted by Lidia from tax back to say i could be entitled to a tax rebate. Excellent service and very clear instruction on what i needed to do. Will definitely use this service again. Thank you so much to you and your team.

    02 July 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Great experience! At the start I was scared, because I did it for the first time something like that. Then I get a call and all was started and now received my tax back faster as told. Awesome! Thanks

    01 July 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Efficient, friendly, easy My tax person, Dessi, was very efficient and communicated with me whenever there was an update or I need to provide more info. The refunds are slow on the Japan end, but very quick from Taxback! Would definitely recommend

    25 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    The company was really helpful and it was easy to organize everything. Just a short chat and afterwards all I had to do was wait. Everything else was done for me so it was really good, since I wouldn't have been able to get the money back by myself.

    25 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Everything went amazing !

    24 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Excellent firm !! everything right on schedule.will bne using taxback again ,my regards to Nina Velikova ,great help

    23 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    I was notified of a tax refund and what I had to do to receive it. This only took a few minutes to complete and I was notified I'd be paid within a few days. I'm glad this was all sorted out because I had mixed messages about this refund saying I wasn't entitled then another message to say I was. This was the best news of all. A very speedy process and I'm thrilled.

    15 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Extremely fast and easy. Got my money back with no hassle at all. Definitely recommend!

    10 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Great service ! Easy, efficient, professional. I totally recommend !

    03 June 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    This was very easy to understand and fast process. It was great whenever I didn't understand something or had an issue, I could chat to an agent at any time and the issue would be resolved fast.

    26 May 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    I am grateful that Taxback team was very responsive and kind during the whole process which took more than a year. They explained me everything in detail and finally I received my taxes. Team is great and I recommend this service for every foreigner who does not know how to receive their taxes on their own.

    21 May 2021

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