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Key tax dates for individuals in Japan

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There is plenty to know about Japan when it comes to tax - especially if you live or work there!

One of the key aspects of taxation in Japan is knowing when you need to file an income tax return.

Well, that's where Taxback.com can help you out!

Here, we'll outline all of the key dates you should know in Japan.


When does the tax year run in Japan?

In Japan, the tax year is the same as the calendar year.

Essentially, this means that the tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December every year.

This will affect when you file your tax return. For example, if you need to file an income tax return in 2023, you'll include any earnings from the 2022 tax year.


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What are the key tax dates in Japan?

1 January 2023

The first day of the 2023 Japanese tax year.

Any income that is earned from now until 31 December should be included on a tax return.

15 March 2023

This is the tax deadline for filing your taxes from the previous year.

31 December 2023

End of tax year.

Income that was earned between 1 January 2023 and now should be included on your tax return filed in 2024.

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What taxes will I pay in Japan?

The taxes you pay in Japan will depend on whether you are considered a resident or non-resident in Japan.

You are considered a non-resident if you don't meet the threshold required for qualification as a permanent resident.

A permanent resident is described as someone who is either present in Japan for 5 of the last 10 years, or is a Japanese national.

You will usually pay the local inhabitant's tax (at a rate of 10%) if you are a resident of Japan as of 1 January of the same year.

Japanese local governments will levy this tax on a taxpayer's prior year income.


How much tax will I get back in Japan?

Filing your tax return with Taxback.com is the best way to ensure you receive your MAXIMUM legal tax refund

The average Japanese tax refund that Taxback.com receives for our customers is ¥111,000.

By applying for your Japanese tax back with Taxback.com we'll also ensure you remain tax compliant with rules and regulations in the country!


How far back can you claim a Japanese tax refund?

The Japanese tax office accepts tax returns up to five years back.

So, you can apply for a tax refund from up to 2018 if you are filing in 2023.

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