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Tax Dates for the Netherlands


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January 2018: Start of new tax year         


February 2018: Tax Office publishes the 2017 Personal Income Statement Form and its translations   


1 March 2018: You can submit your income tax return 


1 May 2018: Deadline for filing your income tax return if you receive an invitation to file. Deadline is mentioned in the letter that you receive


1 July 2018: Deadline if you were non-resident during (part of) the year. If you filed your 2017 tax return before 1 April 2018 the tax authorities should send you a provisional tax assessment showing a refund or an amount to be paid before 1 July 2018


31 December 2018: Deadline for submitting tax declaration for 2013 tax year


31 December 2018: End of tax year



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