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Our tax stories are frequently in the press and we’re often invited to comment on topical tax issues. We generate news coverage both in Ireland and
overseas. This year our coverage has spanned a wide range of stories including: Australian Income Tax and Superannuation Refunds, the Local Property Tax in Ireland, CSR activity we carried out and our Irish tax return service.

Below you can see the stories that generated headlines over the last couple of months.

Press Clippings

How To Claim Tax Back In Ireland | Rezoomo Blog

...used towards household improvements, a holiday , paying a loan off earlier etc. According to , the average refund is €1076.17. There are... such as that get in touch with Revenue for you. However, independent companies may take a percentage of your returns. Do note that there is a...
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22 July 2019 -

Can tax be deducted from maintenance payments to an ex? - agreement in place, according to Eileen Devereux, commercial director at These payments are ignored for income tax purposes, and no tax...
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20 July 2019 -

One way flight deals from Australia to Ireland are here until May 2020! rental prices  with Drive Away with  this link . Claim your super  or  tax back  with via  this link Safe travels, Stephen Palmer and...
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17 July 2019 -

How Do You Claim UK Tax Back? – TaxBack UK Tax Filing Online's important to make sure you supply the correct code. Contact us at and we will assist with not only filing your PAYE tax under the... those we provide at , if you feel the need to claim tax back in UK, do contact us for an assessment....
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15 July 2019 -

HMRC Delays UK Tax Returns Penalty Notices: Will You Face Extra Fines? – TaxBack

...of qualified UK tax accountants and you can rest assured your tax matters are taken care of on time. Besides, saving you those heavy...
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15 July 2019 -

07-10-2019 - 珞 One way flight deals are here until May 2020!

.... Claim your super or tax back with via this link Safe travels, Stephen Palmer and Student Flights Randwick P.S you can join my free flight's email list here....
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10 July 2019 -

Crippling rents mean I'm considering buying a house with a friend -

...director of Eileen Devereux. Revenue is cognisant of this trend and issued updated guidance notes towards the end of last year. In a nutshell...
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29 June 2019 -

How to claim tax back on your medical expenses!

...Only 40% of Irish people claim tax relief on their medical expenses. That's crazy! The average PAYE tax refund a customer receives is...
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27 June 2019 -

Quick Tax Return Estimator

...TurboTax TaxCaster H&R Block   You'll find websites that are good on the web which have filing applications and quality tax planning. All...
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26 June 2019 -

06-24-2019 - Hi , what's been happening this week on Irish Around Oz

...inbox sign up here. Amazing car rental prices with Drive Away with this link. Claim your super or tax back with via this link Post...
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25 June 2019 -

Longford homeowners missing out on tax relief

...underutilisation. This is the assertion made by experts at following their latest Taxpayer Sentiment Survey, which found that 57% of people... Director of said, "House prices in Longford have experienced a 6.5% growth rate in the last 12 months alone, so it's safe to say that there are...
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22 June 2019 -

Your Questions: What are my options for making my home more energy efficient? -

.... The incapacitated child tax credit is currently worth €3,300, according to the commercial director of Eileen Devereux. This means a credit...
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22 June 2019 -


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