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We're a global company nowadays so it's hard to believe that taxback.com began at a kitchen table with a young Irish guy preparing German tax returns for his university friends.

After a summer working abroad in Germany, he found it frustratingly difficult to try and reclaim the German tax they had overpaid. That was why he took matters into his own hands and did it himself.

Back then, there was no network of offices all over the world; he was helped by his mother who looked after the administration and phone calls. That was seventeen years ago and things didn't stay like that for long......

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Echando raíces

Very quickly, that little acorn started to grow and a team of entrepreneurial business executives set about cultivating a global organisation. This organisation went on to take root in 33 offices in 23 countries and now employs a team of 875.

Taxback.com now forms part of the Taxback Group, which offers a suite of services including specialist tax return, finance and travel consultancy services for individual and corporate clients.


El modelo original de negocio fue basado en proveer servicios de devolución de impuestos a individuos que hayan trabajado en el extranjero en países de migración popular. Como la migración se ha expandido junto con las tendencias económicas mundiales, ahora proveemos servicios de devolución de impuestos y declaración de impuestos en 13 países.

También nos mudamos al sector corporativo, aprovechando nuestra experticia tributaria en múltiples jurisdicciones para aportar nuevos servicios al mercado a precios competitivos. Puedes conocer más acerca de nuestros servicios corporativos aquí.

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Proveyendo una base para otros

We're not just all about making money either – we've got a big conscience and we understand that our moral obligation to the local communities where we are based is of paramount importance, not just to our own team, but to their families and children. Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme has focused on improving the lives of children in the communities where we operate.

The dominant theme of our CSR programme is 'Progress through Play'; the main aim being to facilitate improvements to children’s lives through Play. Anxious that our support goes beyond mere monetary donations, our CSR Initiative gives our employees the chance to 'roll up their sleeves' and physically get involved on a voluntary basis in the programmes that we support. You can learn more about our CSR activities here.